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Gourmet Britain - Escape the microwaveGourmet Britain - Escape the microwave [ 25th October 2006 ]

Lock up your microwave, shred your takeaway menus and hide the Bisto, Best Loved Hotels is celebrating the best of British cuisine this winter. After all you can’t really enjoy food unless someone else has cooked it... More »

Christmas is coming (hide under sofa)Christmas is coming (hide under sofa) [ 17th October 2006 ]

Christmas is here and the batteries are running low. Everyone needs a little time away to help recharge and the later months in the year are the perfect time to do it. Even better, choose a hotel for your Christmas or New Years celebrations and you won’t More »

UK & Ireland breaks fit for a Queen (or King)UK & Ireland breaks fit for a Queen (or King) [ 26th September 2006 ]

Enjoyed The Queen starring Helen Mirren? Stay at The Royal Garden and you will get tickets to the new Diana exhibition at Kensington Palace. Just looking to get away? We have plenty to satisfy your majesty. More »

Roman Bath open for bathing 2,000 years onRoman Bath open for bathing 2,000 years on [ 30th August 2006 ]

The opening of the world-famous Thermae Bath Spa is the perfect excuse for a break in this great city and to bathe as the Romans and the Celts did over 2,000 years ago. Read more... More »

Country, city and spa hotels in the UK & IrelandCountry, city and spa hotels in the UK & Ireland [ 16th August 2006 ]

Edinburgh, Country Hotels & Spa Hotels: The Mercat Tours and the haunted under-belly of Edinburgh should be enough for any family of thrill seekers. If haunted holes aren’t your thing then there is plenty going on above ground! Read more... More »

Village Hotels in the UKVillage Hotels in the UK [ 8th August 2006 ]

Explore the UK's countryside with Best Loved Hotels from the Cotswolds and Oxford up to the outskirts of Newcastle. This is great walking country steeped in history and invigorating activities. Read on… More »

Intense relaxation – Discover a chic Yorkshire innIntense relaxation – Discover a chic Yorkshire inn [ 13th July 2006 ]

At the heart of a Yorkshire market town, The Feversham Arms promises stylish relaxation. The outdoor swimming pool is perfect for hot summer days, while footpaths lead into glorious countryside from the front door. Read on… More »

Riverbank Park Plaza - London chic & Westminster views from 69 GBPRiverbank Park Plaza - London chic & Westminster views from 69 GBP [ 6th July 2006 ]

As sun sets across the House of Parliament and the languid River Thames, you sip your cocktail and wait... More »

Last minute Summer holiday dealsLast minute Summer holiday deals [ 4th July 2006 ]

Summer has been waiting. You’ve seen adverts for summer breaks, promises of rich golden sands, blue skies and sparkling sunshine, but... More »

Bovey Castle - The heart of Dartmoor National ParkBovey Castle - The heart of Dartmoor National Park [ 26th June 2006 ]

Take a look inside for an update on the latest at Bovey. There is a brand new menu by leading chef James O’Connor, recently arrived from from Damien Hirst’s restaurant “11 The Quay”... More »

Stapleford Park - One of the finest stately homes in EnglandStapleford Park - One of the finest stately homes in England [ 20th June 2006 ]

Stapleford Park is one of England's finest stately homes, with a pedigree stretching back to the 14th century... More »

FIFA World What? Football out. UK& Ireland Breaks in.FIFA World What? Football out. UK& Ireland Breaks in. [ 13th June 2006 ]

A delectable selection of deals from across the isles. Why go to Germany when the pubs are so much nicer over here? More »

Got an itch to scratch? Spend the summer down south.Got an itch to scratch? Spend the summer down south. [ 31st May 2006 ]

Ladies and gentlemen start your drooling. In this issue we take you to the south of England to show you three beautiful summer retreats and give you the chance to win a break at a hotel of your choice. More »

Board the gravy train for half-term, Summer & regional foodBoard the gravy train for half-term, Summer & regional food [ 23rd May 2006 ]

Plane and train spotters have an eerie ability to ignore drenching rain as they lurk on solitary station platforms and disused railway sidings... More »

North by SouthNorth by South [ 9th May 2006 ]

Looking for a break away can feel like being stuck in the woods without a compass. But if you've booked with Best Loved Hotels you'll already have a map. What's more, if you've booked one of these walking breaks you'll probably have brought a compass too. More »

A Famous Beauty Spot...A Famous Beauty Spot... [ 2nd May 2006 ]

This is a deservedly famous beauty spot. No, I'm not talking about Marilyn Monroe's, but The Malvern Hills. More »

May Day or No Pants Day!May Day or No Pants Day! [ 18th April 2006 ]

May is a month where the silly and serious collide. May 1st means International Workers' Day to you socialists out there, but to the Japanese means Satsuki, or May sickness... More »

Parkes, LondonParkes, London [ 11th April 2006 ]

If James Bond was looking for a hotel in London, this is the kind of place he would go for. Somewhere on a tree-lined cul-de-sac in the midst of Knightsbridge's finest shops and restaurants is an oasis of tranquillity known as Parkes Hotel. More »

Sensual Spa Hotels of the SouthSensual Spa Hotels of the South [ 4th April 2006 ]

This triumvirate of spa hotels are like a Bermuda triangle for energetic sight seers, workaholics and Londoners. More »

Small is BeautifulSmall is Beautiful [ 28th March 2006 ]

Is small beautiful? I think so when it comes to small hotels. More »

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