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Leisure Travellers

Luxuriate in Spa BlissLuxuriate in Spa Bliss [ 26th July 2005 ]

It’s not surprising that one of the fastest growing leisure sectors in recent years has been the extraordinary popularity of hotels that offer relaxation More »

Last Minute Summer DealsLast Minute Summer Deals [ 18th July 2005 ]

During the past few years a few canny consumers have taken advantage of late summer deals that are usually only on offer to the travel trade or a few selected guests More »

English Summer in an English VillageEnglish Summer in an English Village [ 12th July 2005 ]

With the Lions ignominiously defeated down under, English tennis hopes dashed yet again in the first few days at Wimbledon (at least a Scot made it past the first Tuesday!) More »

Olympics London 2012Olympics London 2012 [ 6th July 2005 ]

Maybe you are just waking up to the news that London has won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics – and naturally here at Best Loved we’re ‘over the moon’ More »

London this Summer...London this Summer... [ 1st July 2005 ]

It’s not usual for me to focus on one event that’s taking place in any given month, but that event is so unique that not to mention Live 8 More »

Get Out this SummerGet Out this Summer [ 1st July 2005 ]

When George Gershwin wrote Summertime (and the living is easy) it’s an absolute certainty that he did not have Best Loved’s Summer Collection of wonderful breaks in fabulous locations in mind More »

Game for a Round!Game for a Round! [ 28th June 2005 ]

Here comes the British Golf Open, it’s now just over two weeks until this prestigious event launches. More »

This week in London - JuneThis week in London - June [ 23rd June 2005 ]

Ner’e cast a doubt ‘til May is out" is an English ‘old wives tale’ ... More »

Indulge Yourself and Others!Indulge Yourself and Others! [ 21st June 2005 ]

Treat someone you love to a gift voucher redeemable either at the magnificent AA Hotel of the Year... More »

Dublin in Style!Dublin in Style! [ 6th June 2005 ]

In this latest edition of our Best Loved Exclusive e-newsletter, we’re letting you in on a very special secret... More »

Summer Season Starts HereSummer Season Starts Here [ 31st May 2005 ]

The Summer ‘season’ starts right here and there are some wonderful hotels in this edition of our Newsletter to whet your appetite... More »

Fathers Day and Away BreaksFathers Day and Away Breaks [ 18th May 2005 ]

The travel themes of this issue combine two of my favourite pursuits: exploring the British countryside and... More »

Never a Dull Moment this Half Term!Never a Dull Moment this Half Term! [ 10th May 2005 ]

The summer half term holiday is approaching fast and the kids can't wait to get out of school... More »

Spa Breaks - Indulge Yourself!Spa Breaks - Indulge Yourself! [ 26th April 2005 ]

Welcome Summer in with one of our superb featured Spa Breaks. More »

Play Away At ParkesPlay Away At Parkes [ 20th April 2005 ]

You can always depend on London to provide you with fun,... More »

Spring Specials From Every Corner Of Britain!Spring Specials From Every Corner Of Britain! [ 13th April 2005 ]

From adventure to romance. More »

Something for everyone in every corner of BritainSomething for everyone in every corner of Britain [ 22nd March 2005 ]

Your next spring getaway... More »

Great Easter BreaksGreat Easter Breaks [ 9th March 2005 ]

A glorious holiday getaway at one of these Best Loved hotels. More »

A perfect spring getawayA perfect spring getaway [ 22nd February 2005 ]

Best Loved charmers have teamed up to offer guests free entry into Eden. More »

Spring is just around the corner!Spring is just around the corner! [ 16th February 2005 ]

There’s no better time to plan some exciting family fun! More »

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